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Asus Taichi 21 - New Battery - Not Charging

ASUS R510 Laptop battery issue

B590 not charging well

B51-80 Battery not charging

Battery 1 not charging after replacing parts

Battery 2 (0%) plugged in not charging in Windows1.

Battery 1 not charging

Battery 44-48% not charging even though AC is plugged in

battery doesn't work.

Battery charge problem

Battery does not charge when plugged in.

Battery not working

Battery not charging when plugged in

Battery Status Message - Thinkpad T520. Lenovo Set.

Battery not charged on Sundays

battery not charging

Battery Not Charging on Flex 3

Battery not charging / no light when plugged in

Battery plugged but not charging

Battery not charging / pavilion not powering up even plugged.

Battery not charging after power adapter replacement

Battery not charging consistently - t450 win10

Battery plugged in not charging- Dell 3330 with all original packaged components

Battery starts and stops charging after hitting 95% (XPS 15 9550)

Battery no charging - stuck on 11%

Battery not charging and plugged in

Battery not charging showing plug in not charging

Battery not charging the Ac LED not turning on on .

Battery of laptop not loading

Battery not charging even when its plugged to charger

Battery not charging on 8460P

Battery not charging when cable plugged in

battery problem G40-80

Battery not charging above 79% Dell XPS12 9Q23

battery still good but wond charge or power laptop

battery will not charge after ugrade to Windows 10

Battery will not charge

Battery not charging - stuck on 11%

Battery Not Charging fix release

Battery not charging on HP Pavilion

Battery Not Charging at times

battery plugged (2%) but not charging

Battery found not charging

Battery won't charge past 60%

Battery/Adapter problem?

Battery charging issue

Battery not charging and not connected

Battery will not charge Inspiron 15 Windows 8

Battery is Not Charging

battery charging problem E40-70

Battery Not Charging - HP Envy 15

Battery not charging - AC Adapter Issue?

batttery is not Charging

Battery only charging to 60%


Battery not charging - Dell Vostro 3550


Battery Won't Charge. Trying to find replacement

battery won't charge after Windows 10

Brand new T450S - Battery 1 is not charging

Brand new Lenovo G50 - why is the battery not char.

can i use pavilion laptop when it is charging

Can't find ACPI driver for Windows 8.1 for g40-80

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