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Are You Happy With Metro Being On Windows 8 Desktop?


To explain, side-by-side windows in the modern interface are possible but they are not equally split. Login or register to post comments flix on Feb 9, 2014 Disagree on most things here. The fact that the tech world is moving to the cloud ironically diminishes the need for the devices themselves to be mobile; it's your data that will be mobile. Nothing in My Documents folder, but all the program files were there, even if I couldn't access them. have a peek at this web-site

A nice app menu appears at the bottom of the screen when I right click or use the handy WindowsKey+Z keyboard shortcut. kept them working through 2012 ….. Another item they need to fix is running multiple Windows Store apps on multiple monitors. You get as much content as Microsoft feels like showing, with nary a "View More" in sight.

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Yes, Win8 is a Janus faced thing and at the end of the day I am fine with that. I defended Ballmer for taking a chance on W8 when Forbes declared him a disastrous CEO. but the mashing UIs together needs to stop. if you are on a tablet, just stick to the metro interface, since you wont be using Photoshop on a tablet anyway.

Number 2: I have a DJ software product that is really cool and I want to take it to a Metro style app so I can add in all the cool Thanks so much for helping me to tweek it so that it works more efficiently again! Just add it to your startup programs, e.g. Boot Windows 10 To Desktop Instead Of Start Screen No matter what the question is their answer is always the same.

This is one of the main points of this article. How on earth would you come up with a valid reason to do it again so soon? And this is not a surprise: that UI effort was apparently led by the guy whose teams created the start menu, Zune UI, and Media Center UI. It's different for sure, takes some getting used too.

Login or register to post comments b23h on Feb 9, 2014 Chill out Windows 8's trajectory was set as I see it when three things happened at launch. Windows 8 Failure So why make life easy for an obsolete thing? It works exactly as I'd hoped it would. Now when you boot Windows 10, you'll sign in directly to your desktop with a start button to the bottom left and applications menu.

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Can't tell you how many non powerusers on a laptop are lost in Metro. https://www.extremetech.com/computing/138847-the-metro-desktop-interaction-in-windows-8-is-an-absolute-train-wreck I don't really CARE if you people don't have touch screens. Boot Directly To Desktop Windows 10 From Paula W on October 12, 2014 :: 5:04 pm My laptop crashed and I had to purchase a new one that day, I didn't think about the windows environment. Metropcs Login Screen Because of the market reality: can't buy (afford or find) Windows 7.

However in that scenario it will always be multi monitor – the tablet screen plus the big monitor. Check This Out While the program has potential …. I think MS could reach a 10% of market share with the surface mini, a sub $200 model, probably announced in build and a sub $100 model without desktop, running Modern The form looks ok. Windows 10 Boot To Desktop Mode

This device runs beautifully and though I can connect mouse and keyboard, touch really is the main input for this device. Enjoy! i am sure they will fix it(money talks) but when? http://flvtomp4mac.com/windows-10/can-i-use-remote-desktop-with-windows-10-home.php So once you've set up your computer, spend some time using both types of apps.

But Win 8 has no such advantages. Windows 10 Disable Start Screen You can have any hierarchy you want, as long as it's flat. In this usage, Windows everywhere is a *good* thing for Microsoft.

For the touch apps, grab the top of the window and drag to the bottom to close it.

The Windows core, especially the kernel, is extremely good. EssentialsWindows 7 EssentialsWindows 8 / 8.1 EssentialsUpgrading to Windows 10Windows 10 EssentialsWindows 10MobileHow-ToDownloadsWindows 7 Themes GalleryWindows 8 Themes GalleryMoreWebSocial MediaNewsSecurityWindows Search TechNorms EssentialsWindows 7 EssentialsWindows 8 / 8.1 EssentialsUpgrading to I'm staying w/ Win 7 for another 5 years apparently. What Happened To Windows 9 WinRT has the potential for being this, but then they messed it up by forcing WinRT apps to be full-screen only.

When you have a tablet you never have to see Desktop...unless you have a hybrid machine and want to. It has less apps than windows though, and surely less games if you are a player. anonymous127 1. have a peek here Any idiot can dismiss any criticism, however legitimate, as "fearing or disliking change", and they usually do.

More than usual. You can split the window to see two apps side by side, but you can't tile four or five apps the way you can in Desktop. Just because YOU don't understand the benefits of a new system, it doesn't mean that new system it is inferior - it just means you are probably just stuck in your Windows as a UI shell/experience: Here we see three different Microsofts in Ballmer's era: 1.

It would be easier to take your existing win32 app for windows, and just make a touch friendly theme. There is NO existing data to suggest that windows 8 is any more secure than previous versions. 4. That can work for consumers, though it tends to get negative comments from pundits. Metro only runs on the primary display so now what do you do.

Windows Home Server was cancelled. It allows you to navigate the photos in a directory via the arrow keys, offers built-in rotate and slideshow functions, and can print, burn, or email the photo -- all from Not even a bad design student would approve this. This is particularly useful if you want to use the quick previewer to choose a selection of photos to edit in another program.

It's MUTTro. So far they have quite much failed but the need is still there. What's Draining Your iPhone Battery? Bookmark the permalink. ← Untangling Tango Unlimited Data Plans: A realitycheck → 36 Responses to Can Windows 8's Metro succeed on thedesktop?

You can add to that the fact that most of the enterprise has only just finished migrating to Windows 7. BTW.. Metro makes me want to shoot myself in the foot, Idc what people say… It's completely insane, and makes no-sense. And for this, I must give you praise.

You know, I really hope all those MOD trademark filings indicate some new names... Login or register to post comments rogercr on Feb 9, 2014 Hello Paul, I am a little confused, what you are putting in this article contradict what you expressed here: http://winsupersite.com/windows-8/windows-81-update-1-modernmix You have to write a Metro version and a legacy version of the app and O Yea forget all the cool touch features because your legacy. Only apps that aren't in active development will be impacted, and they wouldn't have picked up the new features in any case.